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Partial planning

Our Partial Wedding Planning package is sometimes called “day off” or “month of” planning. We don’t like to call it this because just showing up on the day of your wedding with a bunch of information, is not enough. 

We have to be involved early enough to familiarize ourselves with the suppliers that you have decided to contract. In addition to knowing your priorities, we need to understand what terms and contracts you have in place with your suppliers to help us to better develop the logistics of your event.

Because we want your wedding to be perfect and you have an incredible experience, we have included consulting and special tools that you can use to facilitate your planning. We also gladly share our expert tips so that your Los Cabos wedding is a success.

The price of this plan is a fixed price for the day of your event – but don’t worry, you can add additional services if you wish.

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Our goal is to support those couples who wish to plan their own wedding, by giving them the tools and resources to have a successful event – with or without prior planning experience.

How we do it:

We help your planning go in the right direction through our detailed consultations, and the tools we share are proven to be very easy for you to use during your wedding planning process. In addition, we give you access to a list of our favorite providers so that you save time in your search. Or if you have a supplier in mind already, we adapt to work with anyone of your choosing.

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